Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend Update #3: Otavalo and Tom's 21st

Okay, more stories from the past, this time from September 17th-19th. We spent Friday-Saturday in Otavalo, a prosperous indigenous town known for its incredible market, and then Saturday night (and earrrly Sunday) back in Quito celebrating Tom's 21st birthday. Let's do this one through pictures:
Most adorable dogs ever in our hostel, La Rosario
Walking through the town after dinner
The market
Everybody found some sweet deals. Bargaining is part of the culture - only silly gringos pay full price...

Back in Quito for Tom's 21st, I make my first alcoholic purchase (*ahem* it's legal). It was a Smirnoff Ice, and it was legendary.
Tom looks delighted.
Some hours later, Tom is now sporting EVERYTHING he bought in Otavalo. (To be fair, it was really cold in his family's apartment.)

After enjoying a delicious chocolate cake, we headed out to la Mariscal for the evening. Let's just say, it was a fun time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!

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