Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gringo Starr

We won! name. Really we placed fourth or something, Tom/Ben/Jeff/Meaghan/Mike's team did better though. Next time, we'll be in the money, I'm sure of it. Regardless, Meaghan's awesome name already earned us a free meal to a restaurant in la Mariscal - woohoo!

This week for the first time, I'm actually buried under work. A paper and group project due in Econ on Friday, two tests and a large presentation for Monday, and still we're planning a big trip this weekend to Baños... oh man. And this Thursday, Thomás hooked us up with awesome tickets to some sort of Brazilian music festival... or so I gather. Whatever, I bought a ticket. It's called Cappallera I believe, but it would obviously be in Portuguese so who knows how you actually spell it. (Spanish, among its other wonderful qualities, happens to be completely phonetic and therefore very easy to spell. Not so much when you start mixing in French.) Lots to do in the next few days!

In related news, I'm kind of behind on blog posts. I'll get some pictures up tonight and hopefully share some past adventures over the next few days :) As always, thanks for reading!

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