Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Tuesday night, and you know what that means!

...Quiz night at Finn McCools, everyone's favorite Irish bar owned by a Canadian but frequented by gringos right here in Ecuador... well you get my drift.

Last week

Last week, we *almost* won. I mean, we placed fourth. But we were SO CLOSE. This is going to be our night. I can feel it.

Tuesdays are by far my favorite day. After an exhausting 5 1/2 hours of class on Monday, I wake up early to check emails and read the news on the oh-so-wonderful wireless at home. Make it to school around 9:15, grab a cup of the most delicious organic coffee at the place across the street from campus and catch up on reading for classes. The first classes of the morning are weaving and diving - hello, study abroad. (Stay tuned for recent revelations about how I'm better at weaving than literally anything else here, including Spanish, unfortunately...) After diving ends at 1pm, I meet Mariel, Amanda, and whoever else is around for a relaxing lunch at a local Ecuadorian restaurant - huge bowl of soup, rice, some kind of veggie, some kind of meat, a desert and delicious juice. For $2.50. Amazing.


The next 45 minutes or so until my next class I spend lazing in the sun by the laguna, doing more reading and/or avoiding my overly attentive conversation partner (oops). The last class of the day is environmental entrepreneurship, possibly my favorite class here (other than weaving of course). After heading home, a good workout in my apartment building's tiny gym, shower, dinner, and some homework, it's time - for trivia night.


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