Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pre-Weekend Update

This weekend, Tom pretty much by his awesome self has figured out a way to get about 12 of us up to the beach at Atacames, bus and really sweet cabanas for two nights included, for about $30 dollars. Awesome points to Tom.

That means that right after our last class on Friday, we´ll be heading down to the station to catch our 3pm bus. Excited for: warm Pacific waters, reading on the beach, and going dancing at night. Fears: Really, really bad sunburn - one more fun side effect of living on the equator. Hopefully SPF 100+ will see me through :P

But before that can happen, there are still two days of class to go, including a presentation on neoclassical environmental economics based on about 30 pages of reading. About econ. In Spanish. Ready.... set.... GO!


  1. YES - HAVE FUN IN ATACAMES - that place is sooooo beautiful. Get some suave. If you haven't figured that out, you will once you get there.

  2. Have an amazing time! The former lifeguard in me has to tell you though-- don't use anything that claims to be greater than 30SPF. It is much healthier/better for you skin/less likely to get sunburn to use a 30 SPF and reapply every halfhour!

    Be careful! And use those skills we used in Levinson to rock that econ presentation! (Also a long email is to come!) <3!