Friday, December 17, 2010


I would have spent today leisurely packing and recording my thoughts on a semester spent abroad for your reading pleasure. I would have spent today chatting with my host family while reflecting on four months of experiences and challenges, after returning sometime in the mid-afternoon from a great weekend at the beach. I would have passed the morning with a short bus ride and even shorter flight into Quito, since we decided to shell out $80 to fly in liue leui leue lieu of a ten-hour bus ride. I would have spelled 'lieu' correctly on the first attempt instead of flailing helplessly at my keyboard for about a minute in a stubborn refusal to use spellcheck. These sentences would be correctly structured and an enjoyable read instead of being a garbled mess of poor grammar tip-toeing the line between run-ons and "creative".

But no. The Quito airport shut down for seven hours in the middle of the day. Because of a rainstorm. And we arrived maybe half an hour ahead of the bus we took such pains to avoid. Ecuastyle.

So instead of nice, orderly, and deeply reflective musings, I leave you with this pictorialization (*Palin'd!!*) of my current mental state after slogging through the rain back in Quito:

Credit for this extremely apt caricature goes to Allie Brosh, the talented blogger behind I'm pretty surprised I haven't used or referred to this image before. It's definitely popped into my head more than once during the past four months.

SLEEP THEN PACKING! Down to the last 36 hours...

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