Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Update

First weekend - survived. No taxicab kidnappings, robberies, muggings, etc. etc. Overall it was pretty chill - Friday night, we hung out at Tom's house for a birthday party for his host sister's boyfriend (did I get that right?), and then went to our favorite British pub for some late-night hilarity. Saturday we spent in Old Town (El Centro), more or less the historic part of Quito, and followed it up with a movie - Agente Sal, con Angelina Jolie. Nothing too crazy, which was fine by me. Plenty of time for salsa dancing in sketchy parts of town and weekend trips to the beach (hint, hint). Instead of a boring play-by-play, how 'bout some pictures:

Game of AWKARD - Amanda and random Ecuadorian

Plaza in Old Town

Me, Amanda, and Madison in Old Town

omg SHOES.

Catedral de San Francisco

'El plato fuerte' in the restaurant below the Cathedral - kind of amazing.


  1. Looks amazing! And it sounds like you're having a great time. No robberies is a plus - woooo!!! My blog is to come..still thinking of a name.

  2. I dont know what looks more delicious-- food, shoes or you!

    Glad you are having an amazing time!Emily